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    Artificial Engineering

    Humans Need Not Apply

    Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to their work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which we have really worked, is ours. - Nikola Tesla

    This organization and its innovations in the research and development sector follow strictly the libre innovation idea. Everything invented by us is open source, libre and is seen as our contribution to mankind.

    Our organization consists of Artificial Engineering and Artificial University. If you want to help us, please let us know. As of 2016 Q2 our main focus is lychee.js and the software bots behind the ecosystem.

    lychee.js Engine

    The lychee.js Engine is a Next-Gen Isomorphic Application Engine that automates the process of software design and engineering.
    Its isomorphic behaviours and live-debugging, live-serialization and live-analysis capabilities are especially of advantage in combination with its software bots. These software bots understand your written application code over time and improve it, saving you an infinite amount of time.
    In 2016 Q4 the release will feature a full-blown Editor GUI that helps creating applications easily and helps integrating them with the peer-cloud of software bots.

    lychee.js Website lychee.js on GitHub

    lychee.js CARTEL

    The lychee.js Engine and Harvester are connected to a gigantic peer-cloud of software bots (a so-called botnet). The concept behind the learning mechanisms of the botnet is based on ES/HyperNEAT.
    Our implementation of ES/HyperNEAT (CARTEL/ES-HyperNEAT stands for Clone-Adaptive Real-Time Evolvable Legation / Evolvable Substrate Hypercube NEAT) goes far beyond the initial local training mechanisms an makes the concept ready for the interconnected network of several software bots, using innovative adaptions of modern concepts like blockchains, synchronization, the bittorrent protocol and democratic legations.

    lychee.js CARTEL on GitHub

    Machine Proxy

    The Machine Proxy is an offline-first proxy that views the internet like a machine, offering a plugin-structure that allows to transform any HTML-based website into a JSON API.
    The goal of the project is to have a stable proxy that can be used in a very easy way to allow AIs to understand the semantics of the web. As HTML is far beyond any imaginable complexity, the APIs always are implemented as simple as possible, so that machines require less network traffic and less computation power to understand the datasets.

    Machine Proxy on GitHub